Twitter Database

The University English Twitter Database was born during a twitter conversation between a group of English lecturers about how hard it can be to find academics working in your field on social media.

The database is designed to make it easier to locate people working on particular topics or areas, and is searchable by period, field and keyword. You can enter your details and search the database below.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Natasha Alden

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University &/or surname are optional for these subsequent two selections, in case you wish to search only by them, as there may be some circumstances in which this is helpful.

And if you do choose a university, a useful tip is to place the cursor in the box and type in the first letter or two. This should take you close to where you want to be.



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If you are an academic in an English faculty at a UK institution who participates in social media, feel free to submit your own details to the database.