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REF Headlines for Sub-Panel 27: English Language and Literature

UE has co-signed the REF_English Studies_headlines report.  The report attests to the robust health of the discipline in the UK, highlighting the transformational contribution being made by colleagues at every stage of career to knowledge, culture, well-being, and economic prosperity, locally, nationally, and globally, in units of all types and sizes.

Action against cuts at Portsmouth

UE Chair Alex Thompson, Jenny Richards (for the EA) and Clare Lees (for IES) have co-authored and signed a letter to the VC of the University of Portsmouth in light of their decision to press ahead with cuts despite the presentation of a very impressive alternative business case by the programme team.

University English and the English Association’s joint response to Plan S.

The Good Practice Guide for Employing Temporary Staff in English (agreed at the April 2018 AGM).

Professor Shearer West’s presentation on open access monographs given at the 2017 AGM.

University English’s consultation response for REF2021


Our statements on Brexit are currently to be found on the News section of the website.

The written evidence submitted by University English to the Education Committee Inquiry concerning “The Impact of Exiting the European Union on Higher Education”

Christopher Newfield’s paper The Limits of the Numerical – Metrics and the Humanities in Higher Education

University English’s response to BIS’ Green Paper ‘Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice’

University English’s response to the AHRC DTP2 Consultation

University English’s A Level Creative Writing submission sent to AQA CREW Stakeholder feedback

The English Association’s Higher Education Committee comments on the results of REF 2014

Ofqual Review of A Level specification in Creating Writing

Professor Susan Bruce as Chair of University English wrote to Ofqual in April 2015 to express profound consternation that the new AL specification in Creating Writing is under review, and thus at risk of withdrawal.

‘Creative Writing, at HE level, is an increasingly important player in a suite of Humanities disciplines which train our young people in the arts of communication and persuasion. We urge you not to do anything to jeopardize the health of this relatively new, but also very valuable, discipline, but instead to ensure that it is nurtured and encouraged through the provision of demanding A Level routes into the subject.’

Open Access Publishing and REF

CCUE’s response to the latest HEFCE consultation (October 2013) on Open Access requirements for post-2014 REF exercises can be downloaded here.

A preliminary consultation was held in March 2013. CCUE’s response to it can be downloaded here. The cross-linked English Association response can be  downloaded here.

The joint submission of CCUE and the English Association to the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology inquiry into Open Access publishing, February 2013, can be downloaded here.

A Level Reform

CCUE’s response to the Department for Education’s 2013 consultation on the subject content of the new English A levels can be downloaded here. A text of the English Association’s response, co-signed by CCUE, to the exam regulator Ofqual’s 2012 consultation on A Level reform can be downloaded here. The consultation document can be found at http://comment.ofqual.gov.uk/a-level-reform/

Reform of GCSE

CCUE’s response to the Department for Education consultation on reform of GCSE English can be downloaded here. The draft proposals can be accessed on the DfE site.

Reform of National Curriculum

The response of the Common English Forum, of which CCUE is part, to the Department for Education’s 2013 consultation on Reform of the National Curriculum in England can be downloaded here.

The response of the Common English Forum to the DfE’s 2012 consultation on proposed changes to Key Stage 4 can be downloaded here.

AHRC Draft Strategy Plan

CCUE’s response to the AHRC consultation on its draft strategy plan for 2013-18 can be downloaded here. The draft plan can be viewed at www.ahrc.ac.uk/News-and-Events/Publications/Documents/Strat-Plan-Draft-v1.pdf

White Paper on Higher Education

A text of CCUE’s response to the Government’s consultation on its 2011 White Paper, ‘Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System’, can be downloaded here.

Funding of Arts and Humanities

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